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2022-05-27 09:05:30 By : Mr. Walter Tang

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GRAFTON, Ohio — Two Centerra employees were rescued on Friday after falling approximately 10-12 feet while inside of a grain elevator in Grafton.

The call initially came in to the Grafton Fire Department in Lorain County at around 9:30 a.m. Two hours later, both of the men had been transported to area hospitals for treatment.

"This is actually the first time we've been here for this type of rescue," Grafton Fire Chief Glen Thompson said. "We've had others out in the yard where people have been hit by tractors or truck, or run over their own foot."

A spokesperson for Centerra told 3News: "From everyone at Centerra, we want to express our thanks that the 2 people involved in the accident at our Grafton grain location are safe. We are especially grateful for the very prompt and trained response of our area fire departments. We are investigating the equipment malfunction that caused this accident. On behalf the employees and families of Centerra, we are thankful for the prayers and thoughts of people in the community who have reached out to us."

When the men fell, they were between the second and third floors in a grain storage structure at the receiving facility for Lorain County, which takes in and transports wheat, beans and corn. Farmers utilized the one of several sites in the county to dump their harvests, and those grains are transported out on rail cars that are on standby.

The men were operating as they normally would, according to officials, when they slipped from their platforms.

"It was a work area that they actually fell into," Thompson said. "They were both going up the bucket elevator on two separated rungs, and apparently the bucket hit some ice and slipped and caused it to jump and both of them fell backwards off it it."

For those not familiar with what a bucket elevator looks like, the Chief agreed that it can be described as a 2x4 piece of wood that people stand on, which moves up and down on an conveyor belt.

"It's an approved elevator," Thompson said. "They have it inspected and serviced as a man lift a couple of times each year."

The first patient was able to come down a ladder inside of the structure himself, and was transported by Life Care to University Hospitals Elyria.

The second patient was more difficult to get out, and it took about about two hours from the time the fire department received the call to the time the second person was freed.

That person was taken to MetroHealth, after having been sedated for serious back pain while the rescue was underway.

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