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2022-05-27 08:57:07 By : Mr. jingchui wu

Ensign Equipment has developed and now brings to market a new Lift and Seal Module for its current line of container dumpers. The lift and seal module provides a tight seal against the top of the container being emptied and enables a dust-free transfer of product from the container and into the downstream processing line. In addition to providing a dust contained discharge, another added benefit is prevention of unwanted contaminants from foreign materials and skid particulates.

With manufacturers scrambling to keep up with increased production demands amid a widespread employee shortage and increasing raw materials costs, Ensign is committed to supporting the plastics industry by continuing to develop product advancements like this to help manufacturers and material producers continue to improve their efficiencies and profitability.

The Lift and Seal Module can be designed to accommodate, retain, and discharge rigid containers of any size and shape. Just as in Ensign’s standard dumper designs, this module was specifically engineered to permit ground-entry loading of the dumper by utilizing either a pallet jack or forklift. It can be integrated into the common rear-loaded dumper model as well as the side-loaded dumper model that is utilized in applications where system layouts do not permit rear-loading. Lift and Seal Container dumpers can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel material contact or complete stainless-steel construction, and are offered in discharge heights ranging from 48” to over 180”.

Both remote and frame-mounted hydraulic tanks are offered, and the lifting and rotational actions are controlled through a premium quality Parker pump assembly and hydraulic valves. The valve assemblies allow for a multitude of adjustability and control over the entire cycle. Additional control over the machine can be adjusted through the color touchscreen HMI that is programmed alongside a PLC and variable speed controller, giving operators and maintenance staff 100% control over every movement.

The enclosed discharge hood is most often designed to taper down to a manual or pneumatically controlled discharge valve, which is engineered to mate up to a gasketed receiving flange on the downstream vessel or machinery and control the metering of the material out of the dumper. Depending on the material characteristics, vibrators and mechanical agitators may also be included to prevent bridging and ratholing of non-free-flowing flakes, regrinds and/or powders. Several other features and levels of customization can be added such as automatic loading & unloading conveyor systems, as well as various safety guarding options.

As the plastics industry continues to be confronted with sustainability questions, labor shortages and material scarcities, Ensign will continue to use all of its available resources to provide smart solutions that are safe, customizable and cost-effective to help overcome these challenges and keep you moving.

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