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2022-05-27 09:05:59 By : Mr. Shunhe Hand Truck

Consider visiting these Georgia peach farms this summer

Georgia’s intense, devilish heat is starting to settle in now, but those 90-degree-plus temperatures and long days of summer sunlight so warm one’s skin cringes do have an upside: peach season is officially underway in Georgia.

Folks from outlying states can believe otherwise, but nothing stands on the same caliber as a Georgia peach. Farmers markets, grocery stores, and roadside stands all hawk great peaches, yet there’s something about the thrill of picking up a box of fresh peaches straight from the farm that never disappoints. These farms are also great stops for breaking up a road trip to the beach or for simply seeking a day in the country to pick peaches with friends and family.

Below are seven Georgia peach farms to consider visiting this summer, some offering U-pick peaches.

Looking to stretch those legs and break up the monotony during a drive south down I-75 to Florida? Consider adding Berry Good Farms to the road trip itinerary. In addition to blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, Berry Good offers peaches that are ripe for the picking. Berry Good is a modest, family-owned operation, so call ahead to secure a U-pick spot.

Pretty as a picture, Musella’s Dickey Farms is the Southern adage come to life. The open-air market is lined with rocking chairs and stocked with every peach product one could possibly need. Enjoy fresh peach or strawberry soft-serve ice cream (and strawberry doughnuts during strawberry season) while watching the assembly line between slow laps around the premises. Or meander over to C.F. Hayes and Sons General Store across the street to get a dose of nostalgia and pose for photos. There’s U-pick options on the farm, too.

Weddings, family reunions, and the itch to embrace a more rustic setting all make summer a popular season to seek a sojourn to northeast Georgia. Located in Alto, Jaemor Farm is a short distance from Dahlonega and Toccoa — if driving Route 23 up into Tennessee or toward the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s right up the highway. In addition to a well-stocked market, Jaemor offers U-pick strawberries.

Thanks to its mammoth size (13,000 acres of peaches and pecans,) Lane Southern Orchards feels more like a museum or roadside landmark than a Georgia farm. The main draw is its extensive gift shop, complete with a cafeteria-style restaurant serving Southern food favorites. Gaze through the massive window to watch diligent hands arrange peaches onto thrumming conveyor belts.

Even if people haven’t ever ventured down to Middle Georgia, they’re likely aware of the name Pearson Farm from purchasing peaches at Atlanta farmers markets. The farm’s peaches might be the best in Georgia. Pearson Farm has been growing and selling peaches and pecans since 1885, and there’s no better excuse than peach season to plan a day trip to Fort Valley. The family-owned operation includes an extensive farm store and fresh peach desserts like peach cobbler, peach ice cream, and peach pound cake. The farm ships its peaches throughout the continental U.S., too.

Located in McDonough, Southern Belle Farm is the closest U-pick peach farm in metro Atlanta. It’s 30 miles south of the city. The family-owned institution spans 330 acres and offers attractions all year long. In the summertime, Southern Belle Farm also features U-pick blueberries, blackberries, and zinnias — people can purchase an annual U-pick pass. So, come back in the fall for the pumpkin patch, corn maze, and pig racing.

Taylor Orchards is located in Reynolds, right off of State Route 96, which runs from Jeffersonville all the way west to Columbus. The family-owned farm is massive, boasting more than 3,600 acres and growing 30-plus varieties of peaches. The farm’s main warm-weather draw is the U-pick strawberry patch. Taylor Orchards also happens to be adjacent to the Silver Dollar Motorsports Park, in case people are looking for a memorable Friday night in Middle Georgia.

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