Electric delivery pizza oven

Product description:Name:  Electric conveyor pizza ovenModel: FEP-12Voltage: 220-240VFrequency: 50HZPower: 6.7KWSize: 1100X570X370mmWorkstation Dimension:380X1000mmTemperature range:50-350ºC  Photos:Name:  Electric conveyor pizza ovenModel: FEP-18Voltage: 3N-380VFrequency: 50HZPower:10.3KW

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Product description:
Name:  Electric conveyor pizza oven
Model: FEP-12
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 6.7KW
Size: 1100X570X370mm
Workstation Dimension:380X1000mm
Temperature range:50-350ºC  

Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

Name:  Electric conveyor pizza oven
Model: FEP-18
Voltage: 3N-380V
Frequency: 50HZ
Size: 1560X750X370mm
Workstation Dimension:530X1450mm
Temperature range:50-350ºC   

Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

Name:  Electric conveyor pizza oven
Model: FEP-32
Voltage: 3N-380V
Frequency: 50HZ
Size: 2500X1070X460mm
Workstation Dimension:880X1800mm
Temperature range:50-350ºC     

Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

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FMA Industries is specialized in Western kitchen and catering equipment manufacturing and stainless steel manufacturing and fabrication,we also distributing commercial food machinery and hotel supplies.

Our product range as follows 
1.     Cooking Equiment: Modular Cooking Range Line,Cooking Range,Fryer, Grill/Griddle, Sharwarma Kebab,Crepe Machine,Boiler, Salamander, Gas Stove, Toaster, Chicken Roaster,Rice Steam Cabinet, etc. 
2.     Warmer Equiment: Food Warmer, Bain Marie, Buffet Warmer, Plate/Dish Warmer, Heated Cupboard,etc.
3.     Snack Equiment: Popcorn Machine,Cotton Candy Machine, Crepe Machine, Hotdog Machine, etc. 
4.     Refrigeration Equipment:  Ice Maker, Chiller, Refrigerator,Freezer, Refrigerated Salad & Pizza Counter,Ice Blender,Ice Crusher,Cooling Showcase, Cool/cold Room etc.  
5.     Bakery Equiment:Food Mixer, Sprial Mixer, Dough Mixer,Dough Moulder,Dough Divider,Dough Sheeter,Bread Proofer, Oven, Pizza Oven,Bread Slicer,Industrial Bakery Line, etc.
6.     Food Processing Equipment: Meat Mincer,Meat Slicer,Bone Saw, Sausage Machine,Potato Peeler,Food Cut Up Machine ,Milking Machine,, etc.
7.     Coffee/Beverage Equipment: Coffee Machine,Coffee Grinder,Citrus Juicer,Juicer Dispenser, Juicer Extractor,etc.
8.     Stainless Steel Kitchen Product: Stainless Steel Neautral and Heated Cupboards, Working Table,Sink Table, Cabinet,Rack, Wire Shelves, Dining Cart, Trolley, Exhaust Hood,Showcase,Water Tank, Wash Trough etc.
9.     Warewashing:Dishwasher,Dishwasher Basket,Dishwasher In Table,Dishwasher Out Table, Pre-wash Spray unit/Pre Rinse Units,Faucet,Tap,Warewasher,etc.
10.     Hotel Supplies: Liquor Trolley,Soap Dispensers, Tissue Dispensers, Garbage Bin,etc. 
11. Restaurant Funiture: Banquet Table & Chair, Dining Table & Chair,Restaurant Sofa, Bar Stool,etc. 
 12.     Complementary products: G/N pan, Ice Cream Pan, Chafing Dish,Food Tray,Electronic Scale, Meal Transportation System/Insulation Case,Rice Washer,Insect Killer,Knife Sterilizer, Packing Machine, etc. 

We also provide customized fabrication services for
A.Refrigerated and Heated Service equipment.
B.Walk in Cold room, Chiller rooms
C.Stainless Steel Fabrication  

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